Lyt her

I årene 1974 til 76 boede jeg i Australien. 10 år senere genbesøgte jeg stedet og vennerne, og lavede i den anledning sangen.


We left our home
Looking for adventure
Leaving in an airplane
Leaving the rain
Looking for the sun

And where did we go
Far away down low
Flying in the sky
For more than one day
Took the ground in WA

That’s when we came
That’s when we came

And what did we see
Friendly people
Lots of love and care

And what did we find
People on their mind
Easy life in sunshine
Playing kids
Round the barbeque

So why did we go
Why did we go

Oh, it’s hard
being here far apart
We’ll come back some day

We went back home
Goodbye sweet adventure
Leaving in an airplane
Hello rain
Still – missing the sun

But some sweet day
We’ll see our children play
In the blue ocean
Hot white sand
In December 85

So we’ll be back
We’ll be back
Australia, Australia, Australia